Alternatives’ Biodiesel Group: Past Success and Future Potential

ABG is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in chemical, environmental and mechanical engineering, chemistry, marketing, economic development, and environmental impact assessment. The range of skills and experience held by the members of ABG is key to the success of the Montreal project. ABG has been researching and promoting Biodiesel in Quebec and overseas for over five years. Our efforts so far have included laboratory production of Biodiesel from locally available waste and recycled oils, lobbying the STCUM to use Biodiesel, and investigating the possibility of production and/or sale of Biodiesel in Quebec for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as waterways. We have also been working with the Green Energy Mission (GEM) of Nepal for four years to investigate the potential to bring Biodiesel to Kathmandu, a city with one of the world’s worst air quality problems. ABG has assisted GEM in coordinating a CIDA funded project involving the pressing of oil from wild seeds in Nepal, conducting research into the harvest and use of non-timber forest products and preparing a 20-year green-energy plan for the Government of Nepal.





Dylan Maxwell in his biodiesel Volks

A dedicated team of professionals

The Biodiesel Group

(Left to right)
Melanie Leavitt,
Brian Sarwer Foner,
Troy McGarrigle

Front: John Tromp, Stephan Corriveau,
Alex Hill